Kickstarter Spotlight on Saharan Reign #1- African Heroes from Black Moss Comics


Set in an alternate future African landscape, Saharan Reign is the 6th title in the Blackmoss Comics interconnected universe.  

Already fragile and rife with corruption, many, if not most of the African democratic states, monarchies, fiefdoms and independent territories fell long before The Enhancement. But when the world welcomed nearly one thousand people with extra normal abilities and other worldly gifts, the entire continent gradually yet certainly crumbled before the might and brutality of these new gods.  As the “enhancements” seemed to occur randomly and without prejudice or prediction, otherwise powerful entities found themselves at the mercy of those with the greatest E-Quotient (number of enhanced individuals as a percentage of overall population). Unfortunately for all inhabitants of the African continent, the Enhanced who spawned in these ancestral lands had an affinity for violence, making it easy to wrestle power from the hands of the honorable, by any means necessary.  

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