Kickstarter Preview – Australian Action Parody, The Apparition, is now live!

Australian Action parody The Apparition lands a punch on the Pulp Genre

Australian cartoonist and comic book creator Kieran Jack has a mainstay on the Australian comic book scene. This time, though, he’s returned with a new bag of tricks in his latest instalment of The Apparition.

The Apparition is a ridiculous pulp parody of all the classic heroes you’ve come to years from the twilight of the 20th century until now. If your taste buds salivate at the sight of comic book action from the likes of Sin City, The Mask or The Shadow then you’re going to find more than enough tasty morsels in The Apparition: Part 2.

The Pulp parody concludes here! The Apparition is at breaking point after meeting his partners killer, The Skull, now The Apparition is out for blood! The Skull is not making it easy for The Apparition to find him, at every turn The Skull has a play to push our hero over the edge, from using B grade villains or taunting his old band of heroes. 

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