Pullbox Previews: The Queen & the Woodborn, a tale gorgeously told & illustrated…

Without a doubt, artist Stjepan Sejic is one of the most talented individuals at work right now. There also isn’t a doubt that we’ve been on that particular hill for some time, having read and reviewed several of his works right here on this very site (check out our collective praise for Death Vigil, Harleen, and more). Finally, and this is the most important bit, it can’t be understated that Sejic is one of those rare birds who really shines when he’s creating/writing/illustrating his original properties.

It looks like he’s finding his niche, having had some trouble getting his work out to an appreciative audience in the past. What’s amazing to me is that here he is, giving much of it away… but it seems to be working as his original title Sunstone (um, parents, you might wanna keep this one under wraps) is a pretty strong contender on the market. So it’s with some eagerness and excitement that I present to you a preview of Stjepan Sejic’s current work in progress, The Queen & the Woodborn, a fantastic fairy tale told in his witty prose style and gorgeous illustrations. If these few pages float your boat, the entire preview chapter is available for free at his DeviantArt site...

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