Kickstarter Spotlight on Jacin and the Olympians- a Sci Fi epic of Homerian Proportions!

Jacin & the Olympians- a Homerian Space Odyssey

  • Written & Co-Created by Shane Berryhill
  • Line art by Mattia Monaco
  • Leters & Co-Created by Alex Ogle
  • Colors by Maja Opacic
  • Now live on Kickstarter!

In the near future, the titans of myth return, revealing the dark, alien truth behind their legend. The remnants of humanity escape aboard the Olympia, a spacefaring ark. Now, teen prodigy Jacin Mukai and her fellow Olympians search for a way to activate the robot Colossi, hoping to unite them to create their one hope for survival against the titan menace–the giant robot protector, Talos.

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