Heavy Metal Magazine, a shining example of “customer service”!

Anyone who’s been reading comics in general, trippy hardcore sci fi specifically, is more than likely aware of Heavy Metal Magazine. Having recently passed their 300th issue, they’ve come back to the world of monthly issues, they’ve been pushing toward a resurgence. Seeing as I’ve been reading Heavy Metal since I was probably a little too young for some of their content, I took an interest and started getting back into their many worlds.

This hasn’t been a painless reintroduction. Far from it. Back in December of 2020, I’d ordered a copy of their 302nd issue, with a cover by the amazing Otto Schmidt. Over the next several months, through one order snafu after another, I’d all but given up on ever receiving my copy. But this article isn’t about my problems with the publication. Far from it, as I was contacted by Heavy Metal’s Chief Sales Officer, Kris Longo, who’d gotten wind of my issues and had taken up the challenge of “making it right” for me.

And holy crap, they weren’t kidding around…

First of all, I did get my copy of Otto Schmidt’s rockin’ cover!

Kris Longo might have heard that I’d written off my continued relationship with Heavy Metal, and in an attempt to change my mind sent along every subsequent issue, from 302 to 308…

But wait… there’s more!

In an exclamation point on Longo’s determination to renew my sense of customer satisfaction, I’ve been gifted with a selection of graphic novels from Heavy Metal’s library…

Amber Blake: Operation Dragonfly

Brooklyn Gladiator

Suneater: Act One

Moon Lake

Dottie’s Inferno

Every now and then, a company and its people will go above and beyond to show the customers that they really do matter. In this case, I’m gonna say yeah… we’re good, Heavy Metal. And Kris Longo, you rule! Faith restored.

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