Vampirella’s Wedding gets extra pages and frenemy Nyx gets her own series!

Vampirella is getting married to Dracula, and the wedding of the century can hardly be contained to one comic book! Dynamite announces that the history-making Vampirella #25 is expanding with extra pages to properly portray this momentous occasion.

As Christopher Priest (Black Panther, Justice League) nears his ultimate climax of his celebrated run on Vampirella, his ambitious tale needed just a little extra space. With no intention of impeding his groundbreaking narrative, Dynamite is excited to bulk up the final issue of the current series. Vampirella #25 will now be 40 pages, rather than 32. With every single extra page being devoted to the story, up from 20 to 28 pages.

Best of all, this change will not be reflected in any change of price for fans or retailers who have supported the book over the years or are interested in checking it out for this huge event that will set up several exciting developments to come.

Save the date! Vampirella #25 is in stores October 20th and Vampirella will be getting married – not a fake out, a dream, or an imaginary story. Beyond the hearty page count, the celebration is also marked by an all-star squad of top cover artists including Rose Besch, Lucio Parrillo, Zoe Lacchei, Shannon Maer, InHyuk Lee and more.

Fans should make sure to preorder the issue ASAP, and there’s plenty of time to hit the back issue bins or pick up the collections to get caught up before the wedding bells ring!

Dynamite is proud to present a brand new series starring longtime Vampirella friend and foe Nyx, coming this November written by Christos Gage (Superior Spider-Man, Batman/Fortnite).

Nyx is the centuries old daughter of a human and the mad god Chaos. Recently the influence of her mortal side has been growing stronger, plaguing her with very human emotions and drives. Though she still has the other side of her that transforms into a flame demon and requires her to feed on the life force of living beings to survive. Can she find her place in this world, or even happiness and love? Or is she doomed to a destiny of evil? When her powerful father reenters her life, that will only complicate matters. And when she and Vampirella meet again, will it be as allies, foes, or something even stranger?

On his approach to the series and the antihero lead, Christos Gage said, “Are they doing good things for bad reasons? Are they fighting to overcome their inherent nature? Are they not sure? If handled properly, I think readers can relate to someone who makes mistakes or bad decisions more than they can someone who always gets it right.”

Spinning out of the critically acclaimed 50th anniversary relaunch of the Vampirella mythos driven by Christopher Priest, this new series will also be a perfect entry point for fans curious about the wider world surrounding Vampirella and its most colorful characters. Said superstar vampiress is also set to appear in this series, alongside the first appearance of an exciting new character with a surprising link to Vampi’s past.

Writer Christos Gage is joined by artist Marc Borstel (Weapon X, Lady Death), colorist Jordi Escuin, and letterer Taylor Esposito.

Debuting in 1996, created by Tom Sniegoski and Ed McGuinness, Nyx’s origins go back even further to the beginnings of the Vampirella franchise. Her father Chaos is one of Vampirella’s earliest foes, and Nyx took on that familial duty as the vampiric heroine’s nemesis for a new era. In the smash hit Death & Destruction event series, she even killed Adam Van Helsing and then claimed Vampirella’s life too, in a timeline continued today by Sniegoski in Dynamite’s revived Vengeance of Vampirella series.

A team of talented cover artists get the chance to portray the fan-favorite character for her series. Vampirella fans love Italian master painter Lucio Parrillo, and now he leads the pack for Nyx. Fiery-hot superstar Rose Besch is a perfect match too for this demonic antiheroine. Fernando Dagnino and Greebo Vigonte round out the pack.

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