Back This: Hot Brass, Pharaoh’s Gold

Hot Brass, Pharaoh’s Gold. This new family-friendly adventure is coming to Kickstarter soon. The Kickstarter from June 28 through July 15. In a nutshell this looks part Indiana Jones meets The Mummy in Cowboys vs Undead action!

San Francisco, 1919. A mysterious stranger is seen loitering around the Treasures of King Mekhenaten museum exhibit. A few days later, he acts on his near-foolproof plan to rob the exhibit’s train en route to its next destination. While his plan may have been fool-resistant, he did not adequately account for the foolishness of his nephews and fellow outlaws, who accidentally awaken the tyrannical King Mekhenaten’s mummy from its millennia of slumber. When word of the train robbery reaches the Bakersfield sheriff’s office, a posse sets out to apprehend the outlaws and recover the cargo. Out there in the desert, outlaws, lawmen, cursed mummies, a bunch of city-slick longhairs, and a wild half-puma little girl collide in a fast-talkin’, sharp-shootin’, two-fisted adventure wilder than a palomino. Hot Brass, Pharaoh’s Gold first appeared as a digital-only surprise around Christmastime last year, but it’s grown into something bigger, more fun, and still kid-friendly in this Kickstarter exclusive deluxe edition featuring development art and creator commentary (and maybe a surprise or two), and it will be able in both trade paperback and limited edition hardcover formats.

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