Back This: Eden’s Wrath

Recently I have been able to take a look at this project – BEAUTIFUL! This is an epic fantasy story with absolutely glorious art – back this now!

One year ago, thirty six year old wife and mother, Kelly Moon, went missing. Her husband and two daughters have struggled to pick up the pieces and find normalcy in their new lives. 

Now, in the old forests behind the Moon home, an ancient evil has emerged from The Veil. Guided by the mysterious winged cat, Mina, sixteen year old Alex Moon must save her little sister and stop an insatiable darkness from consuming our world. Beyond The Veil, long hidden from sight of man, lies the Rath—a dark world, far older than our own, filled with magical creatures and unspeakable horrors. In the darkest core of its primordial forests, two races, the Fae and the Pix, battle one another in a conflict that spans countless generations.

Written by Nat Jones(Spawn, Death Dealer, ’68) and Cory Jones, with art by Nat Jones, EDEN’S WRATH is an ongoing dark fantasy epic, set between our world and the world beyond The Veil.

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