Pullbox Previews 27 Run: Crush- Mech vs Kaiju vs… Creepy alien bug things…

  • TITLE: The 27 Run: Crush
  • WRITER: Justin Zimmerman
  • ILLUSTRATORS: Ethan Claunch and Russell Brown
  • AGE RANGE: Teen
  • GENRE: Comics & Graphic Novels / Science Fiction / Action
  • SRP: $25
  • FORMAT: Hardcover
  • PAGE COUNT: 136
  • PUB DATE: March 23, 2021
  • ISBN #:  9781949518108
  • PUBLISHER: A Wave Blue World
  • TRADE DISTRIBUTOR: Diamond Book Distributors

“Never before, and never again, was humanity able to create something as powerful as the unified form of our two mechs.”

As if 27 enormous monsters ruling over post-apocalyptic Earth wasn’t enough, now there’s a new threat from outer space: Crawlies, a legion of alien predators eating everything in their path. Humanity’s only chance is an incredible combat mech piloted by Beti, lone hero of a struggling band of survivors, and her best friend, a telepathic dog named E.K.

When they throw out a distress call to no one as they give up hope and go down fighting, the most unexpected thing happens in an already very unexpected day: someone answers. There’s another mech out there! Now Beti faces an even bigger challenge as a long-lost love returns . . . and he’s brought one of The 27 along for the ride!

Filled with jaw-dropping visuals and laugh-out-loud comedy, CRUSH picks up where THE 27 RUN left off, with a new hero, a bold new direction, and a ton of heart as humanity makes its final stand! 

Justin Zimmerman, MFA in Film, is a nationally recognized COO, writer, film maker and professor. His narrative and documentary work has appeared in more than 150 film festivals across the globe and has been broadcast on national public television, where he won two international television awards. He’s also been the recipient of multiple grants and fellowships, and he contributed anthology stories to the Eisner Award-winning Love Is Love from DC/IDW and the Ringo-nominated All We Ever Wanted, also from A Wave Blue World.

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