Kickstarter Spotlight on Major Holmes & Captain Watson 3 & 4- Fully funded in 9 hours!

Major Holmes & Captain Watson returns to Kickstarter to complete its first series!

Coming off the back of a successful Kickstarter launch of the first two issues, Major Holmes & Captain Watson returns with the final two issues of the first story arc, launching on Kickstarter on Tuesday, Feb 16th, 2021. Major Sheffield Holmes, nephew to the great detective, and his mysterious American partner Capt. Imogen “Watson” uncover a secret society known as “The Moriarty,” a dark cabal that has vowed revenge on the Holmes family. Joined by the gruff Det. Inspector Agamemmnon J. Brick of Scotland Yard and the resourceful mechanic Juliette McKinnon, the new Holmes and Watson must defeat the zealot known only as “The Scholar” and prevent Europe from descending into war!

Written by Jeff Rider ( The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast ) with art by Ismael Canales and Roger Sorruca ( Athena Voltaire ) and lettered by Ringo Nominee Justin Birch, Major Holmes & Captain Watson is set in the original Doyle canon and combines the best elements of detective stories with historical fiction and espionage thrillers. It’s for fans of Sherlock Holmes, James Bond and Peaky Blinders , rolled up into a compelling war drama on the scale of 1917.

(We reviewed issues 1 & 2 last year… which you can read here & here)

Issues 3 and 4 (which is a jumbo sized 36 page issue!) pick up where the adventure left off as the heroes of Mycroft’s 6th Special Intelligence Service investigate the new threat of the villain known as The Scholar, and what the original great detective may have known about them all along! From sniper battles across the rooftops of London to a brutal showdown in the heart of Easter Europe, Major Holmes & Captain Watson is ready to deliver a massive story. The new Kickstarter campaign will feature both new issues with exclusive Kickstarter backmatter on the world of the next generation of Great Detectives. It will also feature tiers for new readers to pick up the entire first arc in print or digital format, and cool new swag like enamel pins and the new 6th S.I.S. Field Notebooks plus exclusive alt-covers and much more.

Major Holmes & Captain Watson is copyright 2019-2021 by Jeff Rider and Cloudwrangler Comics LLC.

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