Pullbox Reviews: Scout’s Honor – “Absolutely Recommend”

Scout’s Honor (AfterShock) – Writer: David Prepose, Artist: Luca Caslanguida, Colorist: Matt Milla, Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual

Review by writing intern: Nate

Years after a nuclear apocalypse, a new society has emerged from the ashes of Colorado… and their guide to this new barren wasteland, an old Ranger Scout manual that also acts as their own bible. Fast forward a couple of centuries, Kit and Dez have lived by this code their entire lives fighting everything the Colorado Badlands has to throw from the gamma enhanced animals to the barbarian tribes of Highwaymen. But once a discovery is made about the founder of the religion, Kit must risk everything to uncover the truth behind the Ranger Scouts doctrine and those who uphold it.

While looking at some of the upcoming comics in recent solicitations I came across this book and I can farely say it was not what I originally expected. Reading over the description I originally thought that this would be some sort of Lord of The Flies-esque children using a scouts manual they found in the rubble as their guide to getting by. This, as I soon found out, was far from it. 

The first issue introduces readers to the ruined landscape that was once Calorado. Yes. That one. Kit and his fellow scouts strive to survive in this barren wasteland by following the teachings the Ranger Scouts founder Dr. Jefferson Hancock and his tome, the Ranger Scout Survival Handbook. This contains the seven laws that each Ranger Scout must follow and the merit badges that can be awarded through the Scoutmaster. Seem like your typical Scout association right? No, to this new society this is more than just a club, but a religion. But as Kit soon finds out, there is a darker side to the origins of the rightious Ranger Scouts of America.

Writer David Pepose delivers an amazing first issue, building up this very interesting ideas that I would never have expected to come from a book like this. From the religious tones of Scout master Thomas Shephard to the overall amount of action that takes place within the first issue, readers will certainly be very happy Scouts Honor. Each part of the story is exceptionally written, Pepose does an outstanding job of setting up each character to the point where readers may forget that their belief system sounds more like a cult than anything else.

All the while artist Luca Caslanguida tone fits exceptionally well with the story that Pepose has created. With what looks like to be an impressive knowledge of actions sequences, Caslanguida’s flow seamlessly into one another. The overall feeling of this book is then emphasized by the color choice of Matt Milla. I swear there was one moment within the story that I can vividly remember because of the way Milla just did complete 180 on his colors. Overall though, both artist and colorist seem to compliment each other in such a way that it further pushes the dystopian-religious tone Scouts Honor sets out to convey.

Overall, Scouts Honor #1 was a purchase I do not regret. This sort of opening to a series leaves the door wide open for anything to happen, I have absolutely no idea what could come next and it’s killing me. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone is in need of a healthy dose of action, adventure, and some dark dystopian mystery. 

Score: 11/13

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