Pullbox Previews: The Epics of Enkidu- Mesopotamian Mythology & an Autistic Hero…

I received an email from Ahmed Amin, a creator hoping to get some eyes on his comic, The Epics of Enkidu, coming in December to Amazon & ComiXology. I thought the concept sounded interesting, different, kinda cool and totally in line with what I love about indie comics. Here’s what Ahmed had to say about his title, followed by a few preview pages:

My name is Ahmed and I am the creator of a comic book that features a superhero with Autism, in a sequel to the oldest story found in human history, titled “The Epics of Enkidu”. The story is inspired by my nephew, who is an awesome autistic kid, and by Mesopotamian myths. The comic is meant to help raise awareness about Autism through an engaging story. I am writing to you in hopes that you might be interested in reviewing the first issue and to give us a shout out on your social media. The comic was funded on Indiegogo, and it will be released on Amazon and Comixology on December.

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