Pullbox Previews Mayfield Eight, part 1- Grindhouse stories are alive & well in this indie comic

“I need an answer now, pal. What’s it going to be?”
-Lenny Starkweather.

Your life is crap. What would you do if someone offered you a ticket out? Only thing, it might be a little… risky.

17-year old fry cook Calvin Ryder is on a motorbike road trip to Mexico to celebrate his birthday. His friend Lenny’s footing the bill on condition that Calvin agrees to help out standing guard for him while he conducts a back-room drug deal for five minutes. No problem, right? Wrong. Calvin gets some petty revenge on the leader of a biker gang known as The Banshees. Trouble brews when he finds the very same place for the meet-up with Lenny is none other than The Banshees’ headquarters!

Mayfield Eight is a six part story set in 1974 New Mexico. Our poor fry cook Calvin Ryder gets up to his apron in vicious Biker Gangs, deadly drug dealers, crooked con artist friends and a malicious State Trooper who may or may not be on the right side of the law.

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