Kickstarter Preview: Lands of Toons #4- Cartoons & Existentialism…

  • Lands of Toons #4
  • Created & written by Kevin Chilcoat
  • Illustrated by Hayley Russell and Andrew Morrice
  • Kickstarter campaign is live!

Fresh into its Kickstarter camgaign, readers should take a look at Lands of Toons. If the name sounds familier, it might be because we put up a review of the first 3 issues (which you can read here). It’s a sharp series, with a lot going on beneath it’s colorful, happy-go-lucky toonified surface.

Here’s what Kevin Chilcoat has to say about his book…

I won’t try to explain what the story is for this campaign (check that out if you’d like in the reviews above), but rather show you some of the pages from issues #1-4 to show you the types (and amount) of different characters in this book and a brief view of some of the themes and deeper meanings. Overall, I really wanted to show that what could seem like a dark story (cartoons disappearing), there’s a lot of fun to be had.  We tried to cram as much on every page as possible when it comes to the various characters in each particular cartoon land.  I very much wanted this to be a book that people can go back to and notice something different every reading and I think Hayley and Andrew achieved that in their illustrations.

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