Pullbox Previews: Man of Sin, coming from Markosia, in early 2021

Man of Sin to be published by Markosia in early 2021

  • Created & Written by Andrew Guilde
  • Illustrated by Camilo Ponce
  • Letters by Wes Locher
  • Free digital copy here!

(From the Press Release)

Greetings, Readers!

My name is Andrew Guilde, and I’m excited to present to you my horror graphic novel Man of Sin! 

Originally, Man of Sin was published through Insane Comics, and released Issues 1 and 2 digitally and in print in early 2018.  Without mass distribution and minimal marketing, Man of Sin received great reviews from both critics and fans, even selling out of Issue 1 at that year’s C2E2 convention in Chicago, IL.  

However, Insane Comics closed their doors later that year, and we were unable to release the entire series.  Thankfully, our fans were relentless in wanting us to finish the Man of Sin series. So, in May of 2019, we successfully Kickstarted the production of the remaining pages of the Man of Sin graphic novel.  Now, heading into 2021, Man of Sin is heading to Markosia for worldwide distribution and publication.  

(Trigger Warning:  This graphic novel is for mature readers as there are scenes of violence, and self harm/suicide.)  

Man of Sin is about loss. It’s about how we overcome tragedy in our lives. As a father, nothing would be more devastating than to lose my child. Man of Sin asks a very simple question: when faced with the ultimate tragedy, how far would you go to make things right? For Damien Nero, it just might be to destroy the world.

(Full Synopsis) Unable to forgive himself after his son’s death, Damien Nero commits suicide. As he lay dying, the Angel of Death, Mr. Lived promises to give Damien the answers he’s so desperately looking for, as long as he can stay alive for another twenty-four hours. As Damien struggles to stay alive, he discovers that those he trusted the most not only killed his son, but did so to manipulate him into taking his own life, because he’s the key to starting Armageddon, to destroying the world–he is the Man of Sin, the Anti-Christ. Feeling lost and betrayed, Damien begins to embrace his role and seeks revenge, until he realizes that destroying the world won’t bring his son back. Struggling with trying to forgive himself, Damien finds the inner strength to let go of the past, which allows him to sacrifice himself to save the world.

In addition to Man of Sin, I’ve contributed as a writer to GrayHaven Comics I: Spy anthology, and as an editor to Alterna’s IF anthology.  My future work includes an 8-page short in the upcoming Nightmare Theater anthology coming to Kickstarter Oct 20th 2020, and the debut issue of my next self-published horror series, Forgotten Hymns coming to Kickstarter Nov 10th 2020.

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