Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight- Buzzard #2, putting the “fun” in “fully FUNded”!

  • Buzzard #2
  • Created & Written by Andrea Wolf
  • Illustrated by Ezequiel Assis

Welcome to modern Britain: a lost land where folks look for meaning in bizarre places, with devastating results. CEOs double as vigilantes, bored millionaires role-play as neo-Nazis and jaded scientists toss ethics in the bin to chase massive leaps. All under the beady eyes of commoners too apathetic to give a damn. 

Erik Lincoln aka Buzzard, obnoxious high-schooler-by-day/bladed-armed-hitman-by-night, navigates this chaos better than anyone. Is he a daredevil with peanuts for brains? I mean, yeah. But though he toys with his own life, he’ll do anything to improve his sister’s.

This balls to the wall action-comedy delves with irony and gusto into the contradictions and challenges of today’s world, fuelled by British humour and running on a manga edge

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