Pullbox Reviews: Fight Your Friends – A Card Game Where You Use Comic Characters to Beat Each Other Senseless.

So as the world starts to open up again and your friends are wondering what to do, here’s a game where you can duke it out using characters from comics like Critter, Ursa Minor, Squarriors, and more!

Fight Your Friends from Cold War. Inc is a deck builder where you goal is to form your own super-powered team, do some crazy attacks with stacked abilities and ultimately decimate your friends and family (it’s okay if they cry a little)

The heart of the game is very simple, high card wind. Like many other deck building games you can toss in a few other optional rules to up the strategy level. If you play your cards right (see what I did there…) your bonuses will stack up and defeat opponents. Each card has a gold value you can collect at the end of each round and at the end of four rounds, the one with the biggest pile of gold wins!

Speaking of gold, I did like how easy it was to make a deck. You use the gold value on each card get to a total of 30, or as close to 30, as possible. That’s your team. So you have to think about if you want a couple heavy hitters or many pikers. Pros and cons come with each type. You also might select you cards based on Friendship bonus (one of those extra strategy elements), or if you really want their political affiliation. You do you!

All of the characters on the card belong to a faction they call an Order. You can find the Order on the bottom right of their card along with their Class and Type. These come into play with the Friendship bonuses that may boost your Attack, Magic, Defense, or Gold. This can give you the edge when with comes time to throw fists.

I did this play test with my 13-year old son who is new to deck building games, so it did take him a bit to figure out the rules and how abilities can stack, but once he got that down the rounds went pretty quick. There is a video play test that helped as well. You can see that here.

What will really catch your eye is the card art for this game. In fact, if you’re a fan of Devil’s Due or Big Dog Ink, then you should pick this game up on collector’s drive alone. Or maybe two copies: one to look at and one to play. I really appreciated that each card has the creative and company info printed. So if you like the card art and want to read the comics, you can take that card to your local comic shop, show the clerk, and say, “I need more of this in my life!” And trust me, once you see the art of Shahrazad you’re going to want to see more. You can also head over the the Fight Your Friends Website to see the talent behind the game.

Bottom line, this was fun. Yes it took us a bit of time to get through the rules, but that’s the norm for us. After things got rolling, we had a good time and that is really what you want out of any game.

Score: 10/13

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