Pullbox Previews: Oni Press titles, in stores 06-10-2020

Well, it finally happened. Rick and Morty are in Hell, and we don’t mean the DMV. It’s fire, brimstone, and torture for all eternity.

Typical Rick, he sees a way out of this mess and drags Morty with him oRick n a horrific adventure to speak to…the manager.

On sale: 6/10/2020 Final order cutoff: 5/18/2020

Rana and Griffon dread that they’ve released an ancient evil from the temple, but Morgan and Yale battle fear with logic and reason. Amid all the chaos, one thing is clear. The town of Frostbrook has been set ablaze with demons roaming the streets in search of one target — Yale Glass.

On sale: 6/10/2020 Final order cutoff: 5/18/2020

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