The Pullbox Binge List: What to Watch, According to Eric

Howdy, Folks!  Now that we’re into our 801th day or so of social distancing (or at least, it feels like it) and many of you are probably already through your fourth, fifth and eleventh tv binge options on the various and sundry streaming services, we at the Pullbox thought we’d offer up our own fave bingeworthy shows, in the hope we can provide you with some new lockdown-killing material…

Here with today’s recommendations is our esteamed (no, that’s not a typo) Editor-In-Chief, Eric:

1)         Altered Carbon (Netflix): Based on the 2002 cyberpunk novel of the same name, this is an incredible action driven science fiction series. The Netflix series runs deep in high end content and a stylistic setting. This is the series I offer to people when they tell me they liked Blade Runner but wish it was 90 minutes shorter.

2)         Eureka (Amazon): This science fiction comedy-drama came out in the (at least for me) heyday of content coming out of SyFy. Yes, there is a formula to it (what ultra-scientific  experiment has gone crazy this week and almost blown up the town), but this serial has a lot of heart and fantastic characters.

3)         Grace and Frankie (Netflix / Amazon): Premise: Two life-long friends and retirement-age women have to pick up their lives when their husbands leave them for each other – hilarity ensues. While fitting inside some tropes, this comedy-drama is still a wonderful “go-to” when I need a pick me up. Besides, if neither Lily Tomlin nor Jane Fonda are short-cuts to “I’m in” for you… well, you might be on the wrong site

4)         Peaky Blinders (Netflix / Amazon): This late nineteenth – early twentieth century period piece drama about a British street gang and it’s rise to power is nothing short of extremely addictive. The actors are superb and the writing is some of the best I have ever seen. If you haven’t watched it yet – set aside a week and let Tommy Shelby manipulate all of your free time :).

5)         Ozark (Netflix): While I have always been a fan of Jason “Pepper Brooks” Bateman, he has never dramatically shined like he has in Ozark. Very much akin to Breaking Bad, Ozark finds a financial advisor (played by Bateman) who gets in over his head with a drug cartel and has to relocate his family to try to keep up with their money laundering demands. Once again, a stellar cast doing amazing work.

And there you have it!  We’ll continue posting one staff member’s opinions each day until we run out of folks, and will do our best to compare notes and not have the same five shows over and over again. 

So until tomorrow, keep your feet and the ground, and keep reaching for the sky!  (And let’s keep that six feet of distance from each other while we’re at it, shall we?)

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