The Pullbox Guide to Outlasting the Apocalypse, Silver Screen Edition: Monkey’s Take

Hello again, Ladies and Gentlenerds!  By now, you’ve all diligently viewed the entirety of our oh-so-meticulously compiled lists of lockdown-killing shows.  You’ve behaved yourself, stayed at home, spent time with the spouse/rugrats/parents/pets/dust bunnies.  You’ve developed new and fascinating ways to prepare Ramen.  You were good to go.

And now (at least in Wisconsin), we find out it’s gonna be at least another month. 

We at the Pullbox feel your pain…and so we’re back, with more safer-at-home commiserating goodness.  This time through, it’s our Silver Screen Edition: one staff member per day will offer up their list of three, somewhat to very under the radar films we’ve enjoyed in forestalling our own boredom.

So without further ado, here’s tech savior extraordinaire Monkey, with today’s picks:

Idiocracy (2006; rated R; Luke Wilson & Maya Rudolph; directed by Mike Judge; available on Cinemax) Did you enjoy Office Space (1999)? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Mike Judge wrote and directed a lesser known comedy called Idiocracy in 2006. The movie follows Joe Bauers (Luke Wilson), who’s the definition of average, as he accidentally travels into the future with a prostitute named Rita (Maya Rudolph) to find that society’s future isn’t so bright. As he quickly becomes known as the smartest man alive, Joe must battle stupidity and save society as a whole… from themselves.

The Nice Guys (2016; rated R; Russell Crowe & Ryan Gosling; directed by Shane Black; available on HBO) If action and good one liners are your jam, take a look at The Nice Guys (2016)! Holland March (Ryan Gosling) and Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe) team up in an unlikely duo to investigate the death of a porn star as well as to find a missing girl. During their misadventures, they engage in non-stop action and spew consistently good one liners with a nice layer of sarcasm on top. All that adds to the dark comedic tone which makes this movie a great watch.

The Postman (1997; rated R; Kevin Costner & Will Patton; directed by Kevin Costner; available for rent on Prime Video) For those who want to watch something with a more serious tone, you can’t go wrong with one of Kevin Costner’s classics called The Postman (1997). In a post apocalyptic world, a nameless drifter finds a bag of mail and uses it to inspire hope… so he can get something to eat. Later embarrassed by his humble beginnings, this drifter known only as The Postman brings hope to a desolate world with the aid of Postmaster Ford Lincoln Mercury (Larenz Tate). He then uses this hope to wage war against General Bethehem (Will Patton) and the oppression the Holnists army brings to the new world order.

So there you go—we hope you have some fun with some awesome flicks, and survive the apocalypse with grace and aplomb.  We may be back in a week or two with some comics binge lists, but until then, keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars! 

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