Kickstarter Spotlight: The Crossing- A high-speed chase through the multiverse

  • The Crossing #1
  • 133Art
  • Written by Robert Jeffrey II & John Robert McGuire
  • Art by Sean Hill
  • Colors by Sunil Ghagre
  • Letters by Loris Ravina

(From the Kickstarter page…)

The Crossing is 133art’s 1st Creator-Owned Project and our next Sci-Fi epic! From the minds that brought you some of the best new indie comics in the game today, you may have heard of some of them: Route 3 Comic , The Gilded Age, Mine To Avenge, The Hated, and RET: CON.

In the tradition of such dimension hopping adventures as Sliders, Fringe, and Exiles comes The Crossing. Its the late 21st century, and the world has changed drastically with the discovery of cross-dimensional travel dubbed ‘Crossing’. This amazing and innovative breakthrough has provided our Earth with a seemingly unyielding flow of resources, through tapping into other, unpopulated Earth’s raw material. While the collective wealth of mankind has seemingly reached another golden age, the desires of men have stayed relatively the same.

Fugitive Dr. James Kincaid is running for his life. Years prior he was the most accomplished physicist in the realm of Crossing, but due to his own mistakes (professional and personal) he lost everything. Now, in a last ditch effort to fix things Dr. Kincaid runs afoul of powerful US Senator Christopher John Rice. Kincaid steals Crossing tech and escapes into the multiverse. However, Sen. Rice will stop at nothing to get what he wants, so he enlists renowned Crossing physicist Jun Patton and FBI agent Kayla Cooke in a covert mission to hunt him down.

133art in partnership with writers Robert Jeffrey and John Robert McGuire, Illustrator Sean Hill, with Color Art by Sunil Ghadre, the story of the Crossing hits the multiverse running in the pages below!

The Crossing #1 will be a 24-page, full color comic.

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