Pullbox Previews: Burning Rubber – Breaking Bad meets Sons of Anarchy in this new Nordic noir one-shot where luck is bad and life is cheap.

Action Lab: Danger Zone presents BURNING RUBBER, a hard-boiled one-shot that tells its high octane crime story from the perspective of a getaway driver who is unknowingly stealing drug money from the Russian mob and from the perspective of the outlaw biker who is guarding the money.

Writer Hannu Kesola talks about his unique perspective in this comic: “I’m a Nordic writer and I come from a Nordic Noir background that is hugely popular on novels and TV series like the Millennium trilogy, The Bridge and Sorjonen. Unfortunately, there aren’t many Nordic writers in the US comic market, so I try to bring a Nordic take on crime comics where stories are dark and morally complex. I hope that BURNING RUBBER will be a fresh title in the comic bookshelves. And because it’s a one-shot comics’ readers will get to read the whole story in one read.”

When asked what he wants the reader to get out of the book, Hannu says: “Comic books have always been the form of entertainment that I enjoy the most. When I became a comic book creator, my main goal has always been to keep readers entertained. That is what I hope my readers will get; entertainment for their money on every page of BURNING RUBBER.”
 He went on to say: “We have all made bad decisions in our lives that have affected us one way or another. With the story of BURNING RUBBER, I tried to explore how the little bad decisions that people make can sometimes have really dramatic impacts on their lives. I believe that it is something we can relate to in our own way when reading BURNING RUBBER.”

Order BURNING RUBBER with the Diamond Item Code FEB201384, which will be in a comic book store near you in April 2020!

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