Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight – Miskatonic High #3… when you look into this comic, it looks back at you

  • Miskatonic High #3
  • Written by Mike Shea
  • Illustrated by Ryan Mendoza
  • Now live on Kickstarter! (Fully funded, and well into stretch goals, kids)

From the mind of Mike Shea, the third in his ongoing crowdfunding opus takes a little bit of a turn… The spotlight shifts to happy-go-lucky social media darling Ren, and gives a big of an insight into her shallow facade. Personally, of the many indie titles I’ve had the chance to get a look at and talk to the creators about, Miskatonic High falls right into my list of favorites.

Here’s some info from the Kickstarter page… Check it out, and then go to the page and see if there’s a reward in there with your name on it:

In issue #1, we learned that in the rustic hills of a small New England Berkshire town lies the prestigious Miskatonic High School. When the Community Service Club went on a field trip, they were launched  back to ancient Egypt and were nearly killed by an evil wizard and his  tentacle monster. They escaped back to our century, but things will never be the same.

In issue #2, for Sarah Clarke, life at Miskatonic High had never been easy, being a poor, rural outcast. But when her friends came to help her on the family apple orchard, secrets better left unknown were unearthed and she and her classmates experienced a terror in the dark. 

In issue #3, Ren Santos has it all: beauty, a sense of humor and burgeoning fame. She also has a secret that stares her in the face every moment of every day. That secret might not stay hidden for much longer now that she realizes that she’s being spied on. When her peeping tom sends two classmates to the hospital, Ren will come to realize the dangers of  being idolized. 

It’s a full-sized comic, 24 pages and in color. Available in print or in digital PDF.

Well, do you like…

  • Fun comic books like Sabrina, Saga and Crossed?
  • Fun movies like Evil Dead 2, The Breakfast Club and Beetlejuice?
  • Fun TV shows like Stranger Things, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Friday Night Lights?

Then you’ll probably like this comic too! (However, if you don’t like fun, you’re more than welcome to come help us figure out the sales tax!)

Parental advisory: Our comic is a little scary, so this series is probably okay for anyone above 10, but mainly aimed at teens and adults.

Now hey… how ’bout some pretty pictures?

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