Pullbox Previews: Zenescope – Gretel #1 & Conspiracy: Social Media

Gretel #1
Writer: Ben Meares
Artwork: Allan Otero

Synopsis: Gretel’s story has been more of a nightmare than a fairy tale
ever since the tragic events of her childhood. These events have left her
life cursed for many centuries. After her heart-wrenching debut in
Grimm Universe Presents, Gretel has been gifted the power of
premonition. But when she has a psychic vision foretelling the end of the world, Gretel must open old wounds if she wants to try and prevent it
from coming true.
Release Date: 03/20/19
Conspiracy: Social Media
Writer: Hans Rodionoff 
Artist: J. G. Miranda

Synopsis: Social Media: 
Social Media has crept its way into almost every aspect of our daily lives. Some say its a blessing, others believe it’s the beginning of the end of
civilization. Who really controls the news feeds or broadcasts the
messages you hear? What is the truth? Can anyone be trusted?
Release Date: 03/20/19
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