Pullbox Previews: Mister Marsh Vol. 1 – An Indie Superhero Comic from 819 Comics

Mister Marsh vol 1
819 Comics
by Nathan & Stacie Pinsoneault
With introduction by Dyrk Ashton

Macon Marshall, an everyday, ordinary farmhand finds himself trapped in a fatal fire with his trusted friend, Madeline “Maddy” Maple. After Macon suddenly vanishes without a trace, Maddy is left as the only survivor and the only one capable of picking up his trail. As her search goes on, she soon finds herself in an epic confrontation with the arrival of a Strange, Mysterious “Metal-Man”, a being whose peculiar behavior seems somehow familiar… Is there a connection between this Cosmic Creature and Macon Marshall? Who is the Man who waits for him in Eighth City? Who or what is the mysterious Creature who mercilessly hunts him? What TRULY happened during the fire that started it all? Was it an accident or planned? And what does the Mysterious Metal-Man’s appearance herald for the rest of the 819 Universe?


Nathan & Stacie Pinsoneault have been Nerds all of their lives, sharing interests in all things Sci-Fi, such as Star Trek, The X-Files, Doctor Who and Comics. Realizing these similarities after a while, they did the only sensible thing and got married!

Together, their shared dream of crafting stories and characters through writing, drawing, inking, lettering & coloring has now become a reality with their very own company: 819 COMICS!
With the release of their VERY FIRST superhero comic series, MISTER MARSH, their collaborative efforts have commenced as the first in a series of AMAZING ADVENTURES all occurring within the 819 UNIVERSE.

Nathan & Stacie reside in the Pittsburgh area in Pennsylvania.






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