Pullbox Previews: Midnight Task Force #1

As indie publisher Mad Cave Studios steamrolls on into a line-wide relaunch, here’s a look at the cyberpunk thriller Midnight Task Force… coming soon!

(and a look through the Wayback Machine– points if you get the reference- at reviews from the title’s original launch… Issue 1, Issue 2)

What makes a great detective? Is it his ability to get answers? Having friends in high places? Or is it the voices in his head that remind him of days gone by?

Aiden McCormick, is given a second chance in 2055 as a detective in the corrupt and deteriorating city of Detroit. An expert at his craft, he is both revered and hated among his peers. But with a new string of murders polluting the city, he’s the only man capable of seeing the job through.
Join Aiden and the Midnight Task Force as they work to undermine the seedy underbelly of Detroit. Will Aiden seek the answers he demands, or will he succumb to the reality plaguing the hopeless city?

Midnight Task Force is a sci-fi, cyberpunk thriller that will have you questioning reality itself. Detroit, 2055. A nightmarish city plagued by violence and fueled by corruption. Follow Aiden McCormick–Detroit’s most gifted detective–as he tries to solve a series of brutal murders while keeping the dark secrets of his past hidden

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