Cosplayers, Eyes Up!

Cosplayers, Eyes Up!

Halloween is almost here, and I know that there are some of you out there who are planning your costumes. These days, the most dedicated costumer wants to add that one extra bit of flair to really bring it all together, right? You’re eyeballing the accessories you have, the props and doodads, and you ask yourself, how can I make my futuristic cyborg warrior pop? The answer comes to you during a sci-fi movie marathon.


Come on, you can’t spend a minute on the internet, looking up costume ideas, without running across pics of the coolest, awesomest, rockinest Cosplayers who’ve topped off their ensemble with a pair of decorative contact lenses. It’s what you’ve been looking for. It’s a moral imperative. You must have them.

What do you do, run out to the nearest costume supply store and grab something off the rack? Worse yet, do you run down the list of online suppliers and e-commerce sites to find the best deals? You could, if you wanted to run the risk of being the cyborg everyone at the party talks about because you kept running into walls.

Okay. What’s option B?

You’re gonna want to get your costume contact lenses from a licensed, FDA approved distributor. You’re also going to need to a prescription from an eye doctor, even if you don’t need corrective lenses. An optometrist can determine the size and curvature you’ll need for your lenses to fit properly, as well as any corrective prescription you might require. The right fit will reduce eye irritation, and take away the risk of permanently damaging your eyes that you might run if you were to just grab something off the shelf.

The next question you’re going to have is, “Where do I go from there?”

The short answer? You’re gonna want to hop over to where you can find a complete selection of costume contact lenses ready and waiting for your Halloween costume needs. Do a little research and you’ll find that all AC Lenses are FDA approved, and they verify all prescriptions with your optometrist to make sure your lenses are right for you. Once you’ve ordered your lenses, they’ll ship from AC Lens’s USA based warehouse within 1-5 days of the verification from the doctor.

Still not sure if AC Lens is the right way to go? Think on this: Spirit Halloween, one of the largest distributors and sellers of all things Halloween, has partnered with AC Lens to provide you with everything you need to complete the Greatest Costume Ever Worn. It really doesn’t get much easier or more obvious than that… you can’t drive five blocks in most cities without seeing the Spirit Halloween sign up in a storefront, or one of their inflatable pumpkin shaped stores in a shopping mall parking lot. If one of the biggest names in Halloween costume supply thinks AC Lens is worth attaching their name to, what more do you need?

They’re your eyes, people. Treat ‘em with a little respect and care, and they’ll take care of you. At least until we can actually get awesome replacement cyborg eyes…

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