Judging a Book by it’s Cover, July Previews for September Release

So, more timely this month, still time to get your orders in into your local dealer.  Trust me, having done it for 10 years, they will love you for it.

So, here we go, in no particular order, your monthly disgorgement of Previews gorgeousness!

Buffy Season 11 #11
(Dark Horse)
Rebekah Isaacs
What will make this book special is that Rebekah Isaacs is also doing the interior art.  She shares a talent to balance color and tone with such delicate precision and strengths with only a few other artists out there.  Absolutely operating at the highest level this media offers.#DarkHorsecomics @darkhorsecomics
Aliens: Dead Orbit TP
(Dark Horse)
James Stokoe
Alright, the covers not earth
shattering, I get it, but the book
is done by James Stokoe, so I
I figure it’s worth noting.  Stokoe is going to rock this book just like he rocked Godzilla and Orc Stain.#DarkHorsecomics
Batman/Shadow #6
Riley Rossmo
Riley Rossmo has pushed the design element envelope on everyone one of his cover for this book.  Interiorwise he’s always been a little scratchy and earthy, so it is a pleasure to see this side emerge in the covers.
Bronze Age Batgirl Omnibus (DC)
Karl Kerschl
Kerschl is really good especially when it comes to painterly covers.  This one stands out because of the use of more traditional flat colors, and it’s still good and the design is good.  Who doesn’t love Bronze age Batgirl?
Westwood Witches TP
(Amigo Comics)
James Hernandez
Stark, bold, well rendered.  Great use of the half tone. Super Intense.  The books interiors are very noirish and stark also, so if that is your thing, this is your book.
Venomverse #1
(Marvel Comics)
Gustavo Duarte VariantI am in no way encouraging anyone to run out and buy this book, except for the cover.  Although it is Cullen Bunn writing so it could be fun.  Duarte is a stunning cartoonist from Brazil. There is a great collection of some of his early stuff published in the US by Dark Horse.  Worth trying to find.
Mighty Thor #23
Russell Dauterman
Should I just cut and paste last month’s gush?  Holy Sh*t!  Russell Dauterman @rdauterman, Again, just another stunningly powerful cover worthy of the Mighty Thor.  Absolutely gorgeous. #mightythor #russelldauterman #unworthythor #generations russelldauterman.tumblr.com rdauterman.deviantart.com
US Avengers
Paco Medina
I don’t even know what this book is, but apparently it has been running for almost year now, but I groovin’ on Red Hulk’s ‘stash.  That is worth noting in itself.
Star Wars #36
Mathew Mayhew
What Mathew Mayhew does with his color to make things so light and crisp is amazing.  It never gets old.  All this is basically is a cylinder with pokey things coming out of it, but it looks great.  Hyper real great.
(451 Media Group)
Lee Carter
This is just a great use of negative space design that just pulls you into the mood of the book.  It’s hard to pull off all those layers and still have each of them read.  So nice work, check it out.
Rat Queens Special: Orc Dave (Image)
Fiona Staples
Fiona Staples has been an industry staple since what, 2006? 2007?  I wasn’t much into her Saga interiors, not that they weren’t good, but I’ve always loved her covers.  Her use of highlights to make an image pop is second to none, and the natural weight of her figures is unsurpassed.
I got nothing to say about the writer/artist’s name, but her covers catch my eye everything I flip through Previews.  I’ve back ordered them from my local store and anxiously await to see the interiors!
Marvel Legacy #1
(Um, Marvel)
Amy Reeder
I am such a suck up.  But not a Marvel suck up. I don’t have alot of faith in this book, but Amy Reeder’s variant cover is just straight up fun. Her figures are just so good, and her design so simple.  Some of her covers kind of remind me of Moebius sometimes…hmmm.
Scales & Scoundrels #1
It’s the month of one named artists, but who cares, look at the colors and tones on this cover.  LOOK at the colors in the shadows!  Awesome.  I can’t believe this book was written by the same guy that wrote “Shirtless Bear-Fighter”, which is the best name for a comic just about ever.
Justice League of America #14 (DC)
Ivan Reis
I just really like the scope of this one and how you can feel space, distance and size.  Alright looking at shrunk down, if that is an energy moustache, I’m rethinkin’ this.
Kiss Vampirella #4
Juan Doe

Yep, another Kiss Vampirella cover this month, but this time by Juan doe. Kiss Vampirella is an odd title for a book, because if you change “Kiss” to a verb instead of a proper noun, you get…um.  I love the color scheme and the effective simplicity of the design.
Guardians of the Galaxy #10 (Marvel)
Aaron Kuder
What’s not to like bright colors and surrealism.  Great sense of space, and oh, a mystery.  I particularly liked how the shadows are rendered on the underbellies of the fish.  If that’s what they really are.
Inhumans; Once and Future King (Marvel)
Nick BradshawLike the Amy Reeder cover this one is just a blast to look at, bursting with comic activity.  here captured in one cover is everything that’s good about Marvel, the common person, everyday lives, a bit of drama, a bit of comedy. Not every artist could pull this off without it being a confusing mess, but Bradshaw is a consumate professional, and so here’s this great cover.
Ghost Money #2
(Lion Forge)
Dominique Bertail
Not sure what this Eurocomic translation is about, since it is written by the awesomeThierry Smolderen (Gypsy) and if the interiors are as well realized as the cover, which I suspect they are, then this book will be a whammy.
Great Comic Caper (Chapterhouse)
Ramon K. Perez
This looks like a very clever story by Anthony Falcone, with a little side of dark humor I hope.  And just look at what Ramon Perez does with just 3 colors and a clean, simple line.  It went on my list, should be on yours.
Dark Ark #1
(After Shock)
Juan Doe
Another Juan Doe cover and another Cullen Bunn Story. The idea of a Noah type ark filled with bad things is intriguing, and Juan Doe’s cover captures just the level of creepy.  And tentacles and a goat head, bonus.
Dastardly & Muttley #1
See, single name again.  What’s important about this book is that it is a new take on and old hannah Barbera cartoon written by Garth Ennis.  While not a great cover, it is an overall solid cover, but the facial experssions and gestures made this one for me.  Plus Garth Ennis.
Black Eyed Kids #14 (Aftershock Comics)
Francesco Francavilla
As if the creepy Baby Tooth cover wasn’t enough last month.  No surprise here though to find Francavilla on list.  He burst onto the comic scene and never looked back, and has been a prolific cover artist all the while maintaining a high quality of work.  This is no different.
Dead & Dying #8
Ryan Bodenheim
Almost any of Ryan Bodenheim’s covers for Dead & Dying could make this list.  A gutsy linear guy who works without the safety net of tone.  Which is not easy to do, too many artists rely heavily on tone to cover weaknesses. Bodenheim has good reason to have confidence to leave his art expose.  No weaknesses to hide.
Jean Grey #7
David Yardin
David Yardin @davidyardin.  Honestly I’m just going to have to make a conscious effort to leave Yardin off of one of these things. But it’s so hard because he’s so good. At everything. Ya know what y’all are likely just going to have to deal.  And it’s not like they’re not pretty to look at!  Davidyardin.tumblr.com,
#jeangrey #davidyardin #generations
Apocalypse Girl #1
(Amigo Comics)
Ramiro Borrallo
That is two, count ’em two Amigo Comics covers this month…cool, keep an eye on that company.  I like the layout, strong body language and expression, and the colors really pop for me.  Nice piece.
Shadow #2
Tommy Lee Edwards
There’s just something about Shadow covers.  That character just lends itself to great design, from the minute it hit the newstands until modern age Shadow covers have always been a notch above the rest.  This well rendere is no exception.Note: Edwards could have also gotten on this list for his awesome Mother Panic (DC) #11!
Ironfist #7
Jeff Dekal
Late Entry for me, was fence sitting, but then I had this space to fill.  It is strong cover, I worry there’s a bit of photoshop cheating on the hands in particular, but the the two figures sort of dangling below really work for me.  It is really hard to a figure to look that convincingly prone, but Dekal pulled it off.  Look forward to seeing more of his stuff.
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