Pullbox Reviews: Silver Surfer #12

Silver Surfer #12 Soars,

Dan Slott @Danslott, Mike Allred @allredmd, Laura Allred @marvel

By Chris Keefe

Anywhere and Everywhere.  Hang on!

Since Dan Slott and the Allreds took over Silver Surfer in 2014 it has been, an awesomely unexpected, charming and unabashedly sentimental book. There is certainly nothing like it floating around the universe right now, and I’m hard pressed to come up with a book to compare it to in tone.  The stories are simple and have a classic feel, funny, but unapologetically heartfelt and often poignant, with a dash of cosmic melodrama thrown in.   It is a completely unique book in whole history of comics.

While it is one of my favorites books out there right now, when I was flipping through my pile this week wondering which book  I wanted to read first I wasn’t even thinking Surfer, in part because I was not in the right mood, and in part because I like saving the best for last, but when I saw the urgency of the Allreds’ cover, I knew I had to read it right away.

I wasn’t disappointed.  This wasn’t just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill goodness I’m used to from the Slott/Allreds Silver Surfer, this was a special book even in a series of special books.  I’m not going to spoil stuff for you, but pages 17-19, for me, were spectacular on some many levels.  The characters so true, the whole story was so deftly plotted, and told visually, that I just felt, and I know this sounds weird, privileged to have read it.  If you haven’t been reading the book you may need to go back a ways to get the full impact of the issue, but you will not be disappointed picking up all the issues or trades from 2014 on.

I’ve always wondered about where the story comes from for this book, how much is Allred and how much is Slott, it has such a biographical feel and a closeness because of it, and what their process for writing the book is.  Whatever it is, while they are both A list storytellers on their own, they clear soar to a whole new level together.

Get the damn books, before I cry.

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