Pullbox Reviews: The Sovereigns #1

The Sovereigns #1

Writer: Ray Fawkes, Kyle Higgins
Art: Johnny Desjardins, Jorge Fornes

The epic that will redefine the Gold Key heroes continues! The year is 2025, Turok has gone missing and Magnus is good and worried about that. When even a time traveling mission to confer with Doctor Spektor and the creature once known as Solar don’t yield any answers, Magnus must brave the unknown to track the missing hero down. Plus: An all-new Magnus backup by Kyle Higgins and Jorge Fornes that sets the stage for next month’s big announcement!

by Chris Keefe

You know what was a pleasant surprise?  The Magnus back up in Sovereigns #1.

The art in Sovereigns #1 was, big and dramatic, from the Neal Adams branch of the comic art tree.  Beyond that I wasn’t overwhelmed.

What was cool was the Magnus back up, which seens to be a prelude to the new Magnus #1 from Dynamite, which I would think means Magnus #1 will be pretty cool.  I’m gonna add it my sub list and see what happens.

Magnus was written by KYLE HIGGINS with art by JORGE FORNÉS.  It was the art that struck me first.  Nice and simple, clear, with brush work that was nearly exquisite.  So at that point I figured I should read story, and you know what? It was solid.  I haven’t researched Dynamite’s new take on Magnus is, and I probably won’t so as not to ruin it, it is maybe a prequel, and I’m a big fan of the re-imaging a character through the ages kind of story line Dynamite is clearly embarking on with Magnus.  So, go dogs, go!

I think Kyle Higgins as a writer has a good enough feel for imparting just the right amount of information, not too much, not too little, and a great feel for set up and resolution, to keep the reader engaged, so that he probably has a bright future.

So, I would keep your eye for Magnus #1, pick it up see where it goes.  And keep and eye of Kyle Higgins.

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