Pullbox Previews: The Misplaced Collected Edition on Kickstarter

Misplaced on Kickstarter
Created, written adn illustrated by Chris Callahan
Source Point Press

THE MISPLACED is a dark tale of love and desperation that spans several planes of existence as a bereft husband seeks his spouse after a horrific tragedy.

Created, written, and with illustrations by Chris Callahan THE MISPLACED is one of the most thought-provoking, hauntingly beautiful, and unsettling books that we’ve seen here at Source Point Press. After reviewing the first issue, we immediately pushed forward to finish the four-issue series and move straight for a collected edition release.

Going into the last days of its Kickstarter campaign, The Misplaced by Chris Callahan looks like a pretty high concept supernatural story. Take a look and visit the Kickstarter page if you think it might be for you…

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