Pullbox Review: Gorilla Tango Burlesque – Game of Thongs!

Game of Thongs: A Game of Thrones Burlesque
Venue:  Gorilla Tango Theater, Chicago
Guest Reviewer: Mark Lundberg
To say I was a little nervous about going to this show would be an understatement.  I was in town for C2E2, and when visiting a convention I’m usually up for a bit of adventure but this was venturing well out of my experience.  You see, I’ve never been to a burlesque show, nor have I ever read the books or seen Game of Thrones on HBO.  I really had no idea what to expect.
When the cab arrived at my destination, I was still unsure.  Not being from the area, the neighborhood seemed very quiet and unassuming.  If I wasn’t looking for the theater, I could have easily passed it up.  Once inside, the interior decor was much the same.  It felt small and basic.  Having no frame of reference in my head, burlesque meant very over-the-top in presentation as well as content; however, their stage was a raised platform and the set was a brick wall like a comedy show at the Improv.  Little did I know how close I was to being right.
I was quick to discover there would be plenty of laughs to be had in the next hour.  It was clear that the writer for the show LOVED the source material.  You can’t truly poke fun at something unless you love it.  Mentions of convenient plot devices ran throughout the show, making fun of the main characters and humorous use of wordplay in the songs for the dance numbers made for a laugh-filled evening.
The female performers in this production were all very enjoyable.  Varied in shape and size and color, they lit up the stage with their humor, skill, and hotness.  If I had one complaint, I would have liked either a printed program or a list of performers with roles on their website.  They each came out at the end of the show holding signs with their names, but it was done quickly and impossible to write down fast enough.
Over all, my first burlesque show was a wonderful experience.  Game of Thongs is highly recommended to anyone with a geeky mind and a bawdy sense of humor.
Big thanks from The Pullbox for your review, Mark!  
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