Gunface #1 and The Escort #1 Coming Soon!

Gunface #1 and The Escort #1 Coming Soon!

Project-Nerd Publishing is pleased to announce that two of the brand’s newest titles!

The Escort and Gunface Cover A

Gunface: The Fall of Tommy Gunn #1
Gunface: The Fall of Tommy Gunn is the legendary journey of a boy born to the streets, chosen by families of royalty and power to serve, but chained by destiny to punish them. Against the neon back drop of “Clip City” and through exchanged rounds of custom cannons those who deserve…will receive.

Gunface #1 is available Wednesday, February 8th in physical and digital formats.

The Escort: Chapter One
Set in the not too distant future, The Escort follows Esme Ford as she proves to be the best guide through the barrens as she transports goods and people between the few remaining fortified cities left in the world.

The Escort: Chapter One is available Wednesday, February 15th in physical and digital formats.

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