Pullbox Previews: Heroes Vengeance #1

Writer: Seamus Fahey & Zach Craley 
Artist: Rubine
Cover By: Paul Pope
Publisher: Titan Comics
Page Count: 32

Price: $3.99
On Sale Date: October 7, 2015

Fresh from the brand new Heroes Reborn TV show, the Heroes comic will delve into the secrets of the characters. Each five-part story arc will spotlight a different character, exploring secrets behind what makes them tick.

HEROES_01_ON_SALE_10072015.pdf-3 HEROES_01_ON_SALE_10072015.pdf-4 HEROES_01_ON_SALE_10072015.pdf-5 HEROES_01_ON_SALE_10072015.pdf-6 HeroesComic1_Cover_books-a-million_FRIED_PIE_variant_front_cover HeroesComic1_Cover_C_Blank_Sketch_Cover_+_back.pdf-1 HeroesComic1_Cover_GFG_variant_front_cover HeroesComic1_Cover_Larry's b&w HeroesComic1_Cover_Larry's_front_variant_colour HeroesComic1_Cover_Newbury_variant_front_cover HeroesComic1_Cover_NYCC HeroesComic1_CoverA_ING HeroesComic1_CoverB_v4 HeroesComic1FPJetpack

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