Pullbox Reviews: Grimm Tales of Terror #2 – A Tribute to old School Horror!

Zenescope’s hit horror series is back with 13 brand new issues! The classic Poe story, THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO, gets the Zenescope remake in this terrifying mummy tale. When an archaeologist betrays a colleague, he may come to regret his ill-advised decision.
This story reminded me a lot of old 60’s and 70’s horror comics that we’d find at garage sales when I was a kid, starting with the artwork and the way the story unfolded, all the way to the last page, where it ended slightly differently than I anticipated.  This is a good thing.  Horror books should surprise the reader, so the ending was satisfying in that respect.  The book pays a nodding tribute to Poe, and the basic plot is a blurry image of that tale.
The only complaint that I had was about the artwork.  The creators established this as a 1920’s archaeological dig, and yet the lone woman present was wearing a dress that would not have been worn at that time.  Also, the archaeologists toast with champagne in flutes, which are more modern than the classic flattened bowl champagne glass that would have been used in the 1920’s.   I don’t know how many other people would have picked this out (other than you astute readers), and it’s not integral to the story.  Much like old one-shot horror stories, the characters exist to have something awful happen to them, so you’re glad that you didn’t have a chance to become more attached.
All in all, the title seems to be a well-executed old-school horror book, and we should all pick one up and relive the genre.


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