Pullbox Reviews: Be Careful What You Wish For – #2 Indie Story Telling at it’s finest!

Be Careful What You Wish For #2 (Carl Smith / Brad Gischia / Anne Saucer / Timothy Conroy / Nicole Bresner / Jeff Lawler)


Carl Smith’s independently published anthology series is back for a second issue, as stellar as the first.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with his “The Horror of Loon Lake” or the prose follow-up “L is for Loon,” Smith is a Midwestern horror writer who dabbles in many avenues of that genre.  Issue #2 is the Relationship Issue, where bad romance and unhappy endings are explored.  


The stand-alone stories in this issue are “Get Brick,” a Hulk-influenced story; “The Cat,” about work relationships; “The Widow,” about families in the old west; and “The Cattulets and the Muttagues,” a humorous look at a classic love story told in photos and words.


The first three tales with notes are penned by Smith, and his storytelling is as articulate and well-thought out as usual.  The art styles from these diverse artists fits the story they are telling very well.  Gischia’s heroes and monsters, Saucer’s sweet girls and Conroy’s uncompromising boom town residents compliment their individual stories very well.  A solid offering all around.


Nicole Bresner wrote and created a four-page photo and word vignette for her offering – “The Cattulets and the Muttagues,” a re-telling of the Romeo and Juliet story – with her daughters Lily and Maddie.  The result is a very sweet story with a suddenly spicy ending.  If you have seen her paintings and drawings, this sums up the artist perfectly.


Be Careful What You Wish For is available directly from goadkicker.bigcartel.com,  Escape Pod Comics (http://escapepodcomics.com) or Legend Coffee and Comics (http://legendcomicsandcoffee.com).


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