Pullbox Reviews: Resurrectionists #5- Trapped in history until the job gets done

25722Resurrectionists #5 (Dark Horse – Van Lente / Rosenzweig)
“Resurrectionists: the select group of people who can not only remember their past lives, but become them. They aren’t born knowing that they’ve been trying to pull off the same heist for the past three thousand years. First, they have to wake up . . .

And thankfully (for their sakes) Jericho Way and Lena Parsifal have woken up. Now they have to convince the two other members of their centuries-in-the-making squad to believe them and join up before their longtime nemesis, in this life known as Greg Lennox, has them killed.”

The story continues, as it has for centuries, while the Resurrectionists plot and scheme to finish the heist they started way back in ancient Egypt. Jericho Way, the Maker, is fully awake and aware of the stakes as his companions move against billionaire Greg Lennox… who also might be the personification of the Sun god Ra.

To complicate things (like they needed any help), the last member of their group to wake up is Quinn, The Double, currently romantically involved with Jericho’s ex-wife Adele… who is also the fully awakened Resurrectionist known as The Heart. It all sounds very convoluted, but hey, the story’s been building for centuries.

Reading like a film by Quentin Tarrantino, The Resurrectionists continues to deliver the goods.


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