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321: Fast Comics (Timberwolf Enterainment – Cagno)

321: Fast Comics” is a storytelling challenge where artists and writers must come up with short comic stories that always have:
3 Pages
2 Characters
1 Twist Ending

As long as the above rules are respected, anything goes: any genre, any characters, any situation. The challenge is always to surprise readers at the turn of three pages.

Join top comic book artists as they put themselves through the “321: Fast Comics” challenge! Felipe, who recently won one of the most prestigious comic book awards in Brazil as “Best Writer” for his work on the “321: Fast Comics Vol. 1”, put together a dream team of artists and guest writers to take part in this project with him.

The full list of Guest Artists & Writers: Lucas Leibholz, Geraldo Borges, Guilherme Balbi, Rodney Buchemi, Thony Silas, Carlos Ruas, Rafael De Latorre, Fabiano Neves, Ig Guara, Felipe Watanabe, Cris Bolson, Vitor Cafaggi, Romi Carlos, Cris Peter, Wilton Santos, Gustavo Borges, Matias Streib, Luciano Salles, Mario Cau, Marcelo Maiolo, Zork Marinero, Adriano Augusto, Caio Yo, Clonerh Kimura, Ander Zarate, Omar Viñole, Mat Lopes, Teo Deffectx, Ivan Nunes, Carlos Estefan, Marcos Botelho, Renato Almeida, Guilherme Bon, Fábio Bueno & Pietro Progetti.

The book was released in Brazil after a successful local crowdfunding and we’re now looking to do the same for a world wide debut completely in English.

Okay, it took me long enough to jump on this train – but once I did, I read it cover to cover and every story at least twice. What Felipe Cagno has created here is far and away the best compilation volume of visual stories I have read in well over a decade!

21 tales in total – that range wide in content, direction and setting – from theological allegory to noir-esque thriller to wild fantasy. Usually in a compilation like this you have some gems and some duds – not with 321. Not a single story is a throw-away – all are brilliant and well-told! The art shines from cover to cover.

If you are a student of the short story (regardless of the your favorite genre), you do not want to miss this project!

Grade: A+

Bottom line: An incredible collection that is perfect for the comic and non-comic fan in your life. Get this on your shelf now!

You will want to read this and back this! – Kickstarter link

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