Pullbox Reviews: Ghost #11- Death in the Family

26225Ghost #11 (Dark Horse – Sebela / Champagne / Jackson)

Ghost’s fight against Chicago’s criminal and supernatural threats has backfired, taking the life of one of her only friends. As her remaining allies struggle to piece their shattered world back together, Elisa’s impulsive decisions send her on a reckless trajectory of revenge!

I haven’t touched on this title since reading the first story arc, way back when Dark Horse first launched the character. Turns out I might have missed a thing or two.

Elisa Cameron was a reporter, unswerving in her search for the truth, willing to dig into any corner to find it. It got her killed. Over the years the title has run, she’s gone through some things, and as we get to her recent activities we find her fighting the Chicago underworld. She’s not alone in her crusade, having gathered family and friends to rely on and to turn to. Sounds pretty standard for a “superhero” book, right? What Dark Horse has done different from some is to insert some real world consequences into Elisa’s life.

As Ghost, Elisa can’t be touched physically. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the people around her, and in issue number 10 that fact is driven home when someone close to her is caught in the violence that follows her. This issue (#11) takes us into the aftermath of the battle, and shows that being a ghost isn’t the same as being untouchable. Elisa has to take a look at her life and how it affects the people around her. While she’s managed to save the lives of countless strangers, how does she handle it when she isn’t able to save someone close to her?

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