Pullbox Reviews: Midnight Man #1 – Pulp Noir is alive and well…

MM p1Midnight Man (Bad Mother Publisher – Bloor / Ali / Stiff)

MIDNIGHT MAN: BULLET TIME is an original graphic novel from artist Andy Bloor (WOLFMEN) and writer Mo Ali (DREAMCATCHER), featuring pin-up art by illustrator Martin Stiff (THE ABSENCE).
A fun, action-filled adventure spanning centuries, MIDNIGHT MAN takes the sensibilities of pulp characters like THE SHADOW and turns them inside out, unleashing an unstable gun-toting detective with the ability to jump through time onto an unprepared world.

Get ready, because the clock is ticking…

MIDNIGHT MAN – by Mo Ali and Andy Bloor, released by BAD MOTHER PUBLISHER.
Available at the Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival (New Dock Hall, Leeds) on 15th-16th November 2014.


I’ve got a weakness for the throwback comics that revive the old pulp style of storytelling. At first look, this title might be that very thing. The character design is interesting, bringing in hints of Rorschach and the Shadow, maybe even a little bit of the Green Hornet. The art highlights the noir tone, and as old fashioned as it may be, I like the titles that not only stick to the black and white format, but make it work stylistically.

From what I can see here, Midnight Man should definitely be worth a look… And that’s the first step to knocking a hit out of the park. Get people curious about what you’re doing, and you’re on your way. At the very least, this is a great chance to get in on the ground floor of an independent title. Here’s hoping they hit the ground running, and have something great to build on.

MM p3 Lettered

MM p3

MM p3 Lettered

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