BOOM! has big plans for New York Comic Con

Award-winning comic book publisher BOOM! Studios announced today their panels and exclusives for New York Comic Con, which will take place at the Javits Center in New York City, during the weekend of October 9-12.


BOOM! will have several New York Comic Con exclusive variant covers available for purchase at its booth (#1344) while supplies last, including**:


ADVENTURE TIME WITH FIONNA & CAKE MATHEMATICAL EDITION New York Comic Con Exclusive Hardcover ($50, limited to 250 copies)

Cover: Leslie Hung

Writer: Natasha Allegri Artist: Natasha Allegri


Featuring an exclusive, wraparound, 2014 New York Comic Con cover, this is a premium, limited, hardcover edition of the hit Adventure Time miniseries written and illustrated by Fionna & Cake creator and storyboard artist Natasha Allegri. Join gender-bending characters Cake the Cat and Fionna the Human in this totally algebraic adventure. When Fionna rescues a feral flame boy from a pack of wild fire lions, it starts her on a quest she’ll never forget…


BRAVEST WARRIORS #25 ($10, limited to 250 copies)

Cover: Kate Leth

Writer: Kate Leth Artist: Ian McGinty


It’s the 2nd Anniversary issue! The team comes face to face with… Bugcat?!  It’s up to the Bravest Warriors to figure out who this little guy is and where he came from because though he may look like everyone’s favorite Catbug, he might be more foe than friend!


FRAGGLE ROCK: JOURNEY TO THE EVERSPRING #1 (OF 4) ($10, limited to 250 copies)

Cover: Sean Rubin

Writer: Kate Leth Artist: Jake Myler


A new Fraggle Rock comic book miniseries! When the water supply of Fraggle Rock mysteriously runs dry, the Fraggles have to journey deep into the caves of Fraggle Rock to find the fabled Everspring where adventure awaits and no Fraggle has gone before! It’s the beloved characters of Fraggle Rock in their biggest story yet!


GEORGE PÉREZ’S SIRENS #1 (OF 6) ($10, limited to 500 copies)

Cover: Adam Hughes

Writer: George Pérez Artist: George Pérez


As an intergalactic force enslaves planets across the galaxy, the legendary team known only as the Sirens must reunite to save the galaxy—but is that even possible when the Sirens themselves don’t even remember who they are? And the rest of the universe only remembers them as…villains? A six-issue miniseries featuring your new favorite comic book team, written and drawn by the master himself, George Pérez (Wonder Woman, JLA Vs. Avengers) begins his greatest story yet.


SLEEPY HOLLOW #1 (OF 4) ($10, limited to 500 copies)

Cover: Noelle Stevenson

Writer: Marguerite Bennett Artist: Jorge Coelho


Based on the hit Fox TV series! After dying on the battlefield during the Revolutionary War, Ichabod Crane awakes in present-day Sleepy Hollow, New York. His resurrection is tied to the reappearance of the Headless Horseman, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Realizing it is his mission to help stop the end of the world, Ichabod teams with Lt. Abbie Mills to meet each evil threat head-on. When minor miracles start to sweep the town, they’re glad something good seems to be happening for once. No decapitations, no headless horseman, no worries, right? But as one by one the miracles start to backfire, more and more violently, Abbie and Ichabod must find time between saving the world to save the citizens of Sleepy Hollow…


TEEN DOG #1 (OF 8) ($10, limited to 250 copies)

Cover: Jake Lawrence

Writer: Jake Lawrence Artist: Jake Lawrence


Skateboards, football games, prom…your teenage years have got nothin’ on the raddest dude that’s ever graced a denim vest. Written and illustrated by Jake Lawrence (Time Cowboy), join Teen Dog and his best friend Mariella as they tackle typical teen life with a manic twist. Growing up is an adventure, and you might as well rock it!


THOMAS ALSOP #1 (OF 8) ($10, limited to 250 copies)

Cover: Peter Snejbjerg

Writer: Chris Miskiewicz Artist: Palle Schmidt


Thomas Alsop is the current “Hand of the Island,” a title handed down from generation to generation. He guards Manhattan from evil, using his family’s prowess for magic. Being a thoroughly modern warlock, he deals with something even more evil than demons—reality television!    


TRANSLUCID #6 (OF 6) ($10, limited to 100 copies)

Cover: Daniel Bayliss

Writers: Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert Artist: Daniel Bayliss


The final issue of this critically acclaimed miniseries from Coheed and Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert! The Horse’s final play is here. He and The Navigator enter their final battle, and it takes place on a plane no one would expect! The most personal battle of all is here in the finale to this series and only one person is walking away from it!  


UNCLE GRANDPA #1 ($10, limited to 250 copies)

Cover: Allison Strejlau
Writers:Yehudi Mercado, Thomas Scott Roberts, Jimmy Geigerich, Evgeny Yakovlev, Brendon Gillas, & Laura Howell
Artists:Yehudi Mercado, Thomas Scott Roberts, Jimmy Geigerich, Evgeny Yakovlev, Brendon Gillas, Alex Chiu, Laura Howell


Uncle Grandpa is everyone’s magical uncle and grandpa, and he’s come to help kids with their problems in surreal and wacky ways! It’s a collection of zany shorts, games, and strips starring Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, and all the other crazy characters from the hit Cartoon Network show created by Peter Browngardt.


Making its convention debut at New York Comic Con will be the SONS OF ANARCHY VOL. 1 Hardcover ($40.00). Featuring a debossed, faux leather casewrap, this limited, premium edition of the Sons of Anarchy comics collects the first six issues—a complete storyline—written by New York Times bestselling author Christopher Golden (Hellboy) and illustrated by Damian Couceiro (Planet of the Apes).


BOOM! will also present and participate in the following panels at New York Comic Con:

The World of Mouse Guard

Thurs., October 9, 2:15-3pm, 1A24

Get updated on everything Mouse Guard, including news on upcoming projects, collectibles, and other surprises with creator David Petersen. Plus, enjoy a live reading of several Mouse Guard short stories with David and guests Hal Lublin and Mark Gagliardi (who are both performers on The Thrilling Adventure Hour) and a performance of an original song from Mouse Guard: Legends of the GuardVol. 2 by vocalist Kyra Sims and accordionist Henry Koperski. Moderated by BOOM! Studios Marketing Manager Mel Caylo.


The Jim Henson Company: Upcoming Comics with Archaia

Fri., October 10, 5:15-6pm, 1A24

Join Archaia as they reveal details, previews, and behind-the-scenes info of its publishing plan for projects with The Jim Henson Company with panelists Kate Leth (Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock), Shane-Michael Vidaurri (Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Witches), and Henson Company archivist Karen Falk. Moderated by BOOM! Studios Marketing Manager Mel Caylo.


We Are BOOM!

Sat., October 11, 11-11:45am, 1A21

Last year was a banner year for us here at BOOM! Studios: our first feature film, 2 Guns, was released; we signed a first-look deal with 20th Century Fox; Archaia joined us as a new imprint; we expanded the KaBOOM! lineup; and we launched BOOM! Box. Join BOOM! Editor-In-Chief Matt Gagnon and Managing Editor Bryce Carlson, plus James Tynion IV (The Woods), Marguerite Bennett (Butterfly, Sleepy Hollow), and Noelle Stevenson (Lumberjanes) as we share our mission to create the future of comics…now.


New York as a Character in Comics

Sun., October 12, 2:15-3pm, 1A05
New York City is featured prominently in movies, TV, and of course, comics! Join us as we discuss how the Big Apple has played an integral part in some of your favorite comics with panelists Charles Soule (Strange Attractors), Chris Miskiewicz (Thomas Alsop), Dan Slott (The Amazing Spider-Man), Jimmy Palmiotti (Back to Brooklyn, Harley Quinn), and Peter Sanderson (The Marvel Comics Guide to New York City). Moderated by Newsarama editor Lucas Siegel.

Stop by and visit us at booth #1344. For tickets and more information on New York Comic Con, visit their site at

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