Amigo Comics Joins the Ranks of Malta Comic Con Guest List

Wicked Comics are proud to announce that awesome writer El Torres (Nancy in Hell) and his amazing publishing house Amigo Comics (Rogues!), acclaimed independent creator Jenika Ioffreda (Vampire Free Style), and leading journalist and pop culture queen Stephanie Cooke (Talking Comics) will be joining Yishan Li, Rufus Dayglo, Andrew Wildman, Guillermo Ortego, Steve Scott, Mickey Lam, Mike Collins, Cliodhna, Dave Taylor, Christian Ward, John-Paul Kamath, Michael Dialynas, Lew Stringer, Daniela “Iella” Attard, Mario Alberti, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeb, Jason Howard, Richard Starkings, Tim Perkins and Sean Azzopardi as guests for the Malta Comic Con (MCC) 2014 which will be held on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th November at St. James Cavalier (all floors), Valletta, between 10am – 6pm on Saturday and 11am – 7pm on Sunday.

As I type this, we have just finished another comic convention. It was a great con. We had a fun time, chatted with fans and met some cool people. But if I’m honest, it was nothing compared to Malta Comic Con.

Of all the conventions I have been to, Malta Comic Con 2013 stands out. Sure they offered us a great deal on travel and accommodation. Yes they met us at the airport and took time to get to know us all. Ok, so the venue was beautiful and they had personal touches like making name boards for us all. And yeah, the organisers were great friendly people. These things alone show how the Malta organisers go the extra mile, but it was the social aspect that really made the con stand out.

You never normally get a chance to meet other creators. Everyone is so busy at cons and visiting friends in the city, but in Malta, activities were arranged for all the creators to get to know each other. It was incredible to meet and make friends with so many creators. It reminded us all why we got into comics in the first place and I can only thank the incredible Maltese team for making it happen and I encourage all creators to attend.

Oh, and one more thing. At the con we just left, I met a Maltese expat who was enjoying his first comic con. He was a fan of comics but told me sadly that nothing like this would exist in Malta.  He’s right. Malta does it way better”. (Neil Gibson, 2014)

El Torres:

El Torres (Spain, 1972) is a comic book writer. After several years working in the Spanish industry as editor, he wrote several miniseries that were successful in Spain, fantasy-themed, like Bribones (1999), Swordmasters (1999), Miserere (2005) and humor series, like Team Triumph (1998-1999) among several others.

In 2007 he released his first two miniseries in the United States. CVO: African Blood and Eclipse of the Undead, published at IDW. It followed his horror miniseries The Veil (2009), that was highly praised by critics and reviewers, and The Suicide Forest (2010), which received international awards and praises, even it has been optioned into a film.

At Image Comics he released the horror miniseries Drums (2011) and also Nancy in Hell (2011) and its sequel Nancy in Hell on Earth (2012), which success recognized him as “horror master” by readers and critics. After that, he decided to create his own independent company, Amigo Comics, where he released horror and fantasy series like The Westwood Witches (2013), Rogues! (2013-2014) and Ghost Wolf (2014). His work is defined by the use of well-known tropes of popular culture, always with a twist. His books have been published in USA, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

Amigo Comics:

Amigo Comics is an independent company which publishes a wide variety of creator-owned comic books with talented creators. Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi are our genres of choice. Headquartered in Malaga, Spain, Amigo was founded by Juan “El” Torres a veteran of the Spanish comic book industry.

Recently, a partnership with Pathbender Media Company was announced to develop and produce Amigo titles in other media.

Jenika Ioffreda:

Jenika Ioffreda has been reading and drawing comics for as long as she can remember.

After attending “Scuola Romana dei Fumetti” (Roman School of comics) in Italy she moved to United Kingdom where she works as freelancer artist and self publish her award nominated comic book series “Vampire Free Style”. Pages and illustrations from the series have been displayed at the Brent Museum in London.

She took part to the Kapow! Guinness World Record Special, a project by Marvel which broke two Guinness World Record as the fastest comic book ever produced and the biggest number of creators working on a single comic, alongside artists as Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons and John Romita Jr.

She contributed as writer and illustrator to City Stories, an international comic project conducted by Lodz Cultural Centre together with the British Council presented at the International Festival of Comics and Games in Lodz, Poland and published in bilingual albums.

Jenika is currently an extremely active presence in the UK and Irish comic conventions circuit and is working on a new project that will be out next year.

Stephanie Cooke:

Stephanie is a comic book fan, as well as an avid gamer, movie watcher, lover of music, board games and more. Stephanie is one of the founding members of the Talking Comics web site and is one of its weekly podcast co-hosts. She is the host of the site’s sister podcast, The Missfits and outside of Talking Comics she’s written for, Agents of Geek, Word of the Nerd, C&G Magazine, Dork Shelf, Misfortune Cookie and more. She also runs Toronto Geek Trivia in her home city and was one of the people who created and ran Fabletown and Beyond alongside Bill Willingham.

El Torres and Amgio Comics have been creating some big waves in the industry, working with a number of talented creators on creator owned comic books, producing one quality title after another. Consequently, we’re all really excited to be hosting them this year. Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that to mark the occasion Amigo Comics have agreed to publish a limited amount of Malta Comic Con 2014 exclusive cover title, which no self respecting MCC fan can afford to do without. We’re also delighted to be hosting Jenika Ioffreda and Stephanie Cooke in Malta this year. Ioffreda is a prefect example of how talented independent creators can thrive in the comic industry, while Cooke’s extensive knowledge of comics and pop culture gives us the possibility to add even more awesome events which will surely add more value to the show. The presence of these fine folk as well as that of the other guests has us all enthusiastically looking forward to the Malta Comic Con 2014 and we would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their participation and look forward to hosting them here” said Chris Le Galle co-founder of Wicked Comics.

As customary Wicked Comics have designed a number of packages for fans wishing to travel to the Malta Comic Con from abroad, which include heavily discounted accommodation rates and local transport from hotel to convention centre.

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