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A1-GN-Odyssey-Cover_RGB_Web.jpg.size-600Odyssey Vol.1: History Lesson (A1 / Titan Comics Elliott / Gastonny / Firmansyah / Marcellius / Cypress / Yuwono)


Neither Angel or Demon can stand upon the face of the Earth – but in the skin of Man, Heaven and Hell have fought an eternal war. Only one immortal man can protect humankind – and he’s losing his faith in them!

From magical origins to the fall of Hitler’s Germany, to boots on the ground in Afghanistan and war-torn Iraq, from protests on Wall Street to dread secrets in the Oval Office – witness Blazing Glory’s history-changing first steps into a bigger world!

This astounding volume collects the entire pulse-pounding first series, plus a brand-new strip and over 20 pages of all-new bonus content. See what it takes to be a super-soldier on the frontlines of a war between cosmic forces!

Odyssey Vol 1 HC collects issues #1-6 of the original series plus 60 pages of new material!

Author Dave Elliot (Which I am a long term fan of – you should check out Weirding Willows and Sharky) does another amazing job of deconstructing modern superhero story-telling. This volume explores the origins and adventures of Blazing Glory – a super patriot who was literally born again and doesn’t want to waste the opportunity. It is comic book escapism at its best – take one obvious, yet well-done, homage to Captain America and mix in a dose of R-rated Tarantino-like plot twists and story device surprises and then blend with a supernatural origin. Overall Odyssey is a very enjoyable, adventuresome read, but Mr. Elliot takes the time to examine, in dark tones, the concepts of duty and unchecked patriotism and how they relate to individual freedom / choice. This volume is a fantastic mix of epic heroics and intriguing Watchman-esque superhero analysis.

The visual are pretty spectacular. Both line work and colors combine to make every page worth looking at. Well-constructed page framing not only keeps the story flowing but also organizes interiors that are truly amazing throughout. From cover to cover – Odyssey Vol 1 had me.  I can’t wait to see what is coming next!

The Bottom Line: Without hesitation – a great read and well worth the cover price!

Grade: A

Check it out and order it here!

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