Pullbox Previews: Avengers #34 – Hyperion Takes Center Stage!

This September, the supremely powerful Hyperion takes center stage in the oversized AVENGERS #34.1 – an exciting new solo story from critically acclaimed creators Al Ewing and Dale Keown! Last son of a dead utopia and sole survivor of a world decimated by Incursions. Father figure to a new species of life thriving in the Savage Land. He is an Avenger, and so much more. Now, the Man From Nowhere seeks justice upon an unhinged cop killer, the safe return of a kidnapped child – and perhaps answers to the questions that haunt him deep inside. Why was he brought here? What purpose does he serve in our universe? The answers can be found this September in the Hyperion-centric AVENGERS #34.1!

AVENGERS #34.1 (JUL140624)

Written by AL EWING

Art & Cover by DALE KEOWN

Variant Cover by CHRIS BACHALO (JUL140625)

FOC 8/18/14, ON-SALE 09/10/14

Avengers_34.1_Bachalo_Variant Avengers_34.1_Cover Avengers_34.1_Preview_1 Avengers_34.1_Preview_2 Avengers_34.1_Preview_3

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