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Hey all! Greg here and I’m bringing you some coverage of the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con!

We sent our friend Robert to cover the con for us. Robert is an up and coming cosplayer and runs the fan page RED HOOD. Read his coverage then head on over to his page and enjoy.

Here’s Rob:

What can I say about the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con (ALVCC)?  Well, this is only the second year it has been held here in Las Vegas, so yeah, it’s not real big……yet.  In fact, I would say it was about the same size with last year’s (Don’t quote me on that, I haven’t seen the stats).  And the only notable difference was not having Stan Lee this year. Even though they might be small, they are MIGHTY!  There isn’t much in Vegas in ways of the Cons for us Nerds/Geeks.  They are all pretty small.  For ALVCC There was a strong artist alley with tons of artists selling their work, vendors galore selling toys and collectibles, and of course artwork.  The real exciting parts for me were Cosplaying and again seeing Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld and the addition of George Pérez.

This year I got to Cosplay (Red Hood & Deadshot from Arrow), needless to say, I had a BLAST!  For me Cosplay added a whole new element to the con.  The first two days I didn’t even get to explore too much, between waiting in lines for autographs and posing for pics, I was pretty busy.  But to see the excitement in people’s faces when they saw (noticed) my costume…it was AWESOME.  It really made my entire hard work feel worth it.

One thing I noticed was the different types of fans there were.  You had the “Hardcore”, the “Casual” and the “Trendy”.  The “Hardcore” are the ones that know everything about comics, Pokémon, Doctor Who, etc…  The “Casual” (like me) know a lot about those things.  And then…there are the “Trendy”.  These are the people that only know what they see on TV or in a movie and think that that is how it is.

Another thing that I noticed was that I couldn’t spit without hitting a Deadpool or Harley Quinn costume.  But hey, they are popular so  why not I guess.  I did get to meet a couple of pro Cosplayers there:

www.facebook.com/IcyPrincessCosplay Is an amazing person; I’ve had many conversations with her.  Not only is she beautiful, but also vary talented and creative.

www.facebook.com/VegasPGcosplay Is a very well know Cosplayer that attends MANY cons around the country.  She is also a really cool person.

www.facebook.com/Lonstermash Is a bad-ass Wolverine Cosplayer.  He has also done Rocky Balboa.

Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, and George Pérez were some pretty big draws for comic geeks.  All of them were extremely friendly, and I was surprised how much attention Rob Liefeld got (but he did create Deadpool). Jim Lee was mobbed, signing lots of Batman/Superman and I did see lots of Cyberforce (who knew?). I felt like George was there for the fans the most. In speaking with Greg about other cons George has been to, this sound like this is the norm. George took time with every fan and offered a truly genuine smile for everyone. Not only is he a legend in his own time, but he’s a man of the people.

Over-all, pretty much every person I met was nice and having a good time.  I don’t think I met any “bad” people there.  I DO hope that someday(soon) it gets to be almost as big as the SDCC, but that might be a while.  If you are even in Las Vegas around the time of this con, I highly recommend it.  In September is the Salt Lake Con.  God willing I will be going to that, so I hope to see you there.

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