Kickstarter: Wayward Raven’s Signed C:The Missing

edada79cd78e4ddc00c70933c649925e_largeIssue 2 of Wayward Raven Media’s hit series Signed C: the missing will end in less then a week’s time. The Kickstarter campaign is almost completely funded and includes numerous ways to contribute including everything from $5 packages to getting your likeness put in a webcomic. Supplies are going fast!

Signed C: the missing is an epic comic book tale where myth, magic and the modern day meet. In this world, the gods did not die out. Instead, they got day jobs and hid among mortal affairs but now a mystery to change the balance of power in the cosmos unfolds. Want to get in on the campaign? Visit

Never heard of Wayward Raven? They are a small New England publisher and their current comic book titles include The Ascendant and Horsemen as well as a webcomic called Damn Heroes. The company is helmed by Mark C. Frankel CEO/COO, Alexander Sapountzis CTO/Creative Director and Joshua Lee Andrew Jones Editor-in-Chief. They are located in the NY-Metro Area.

Signed C: the missing is the perfect comic – full of magic, mystery and featuring a female lead character! Mark, Josh, and Wayne do such an amazing job bringing this story to life,” -Julz Hendricks, Co-host of Chickcast and Panel2Panel

“As a girl reading comics, I do take an interest in series featuring women as powerful characters as opposed to printed scream queens. While reading Signed C: the missing, I not only got cosplay ideas for future conventions (absolutely loved Perse’s sexy orange dress and lip color), but I got to meet an awesome female-dominated cast of characters.” Comics and Cashmere

It’s not just my new found love of comic book heroines in jungle hot tubs that makes me love this book. Signed is a rockstar of a concept and is awesome from its cover art to its lettering. A unique story with just enough background flourishes and Easter eggs of mythology to make me want more. Totally Arlo approved, and that is the highest rating of approval Geek Cast Live has to offer. So that’s saying something.” –Geek Cast Ry of GeekCast Live

About Signed C: the missing. Everyday, young women go missing in the big city but most aren’t models with a talent agent who happens to be the most badass sorceresses of all time. After a young model misses an appointment, her agent C starts an investigation. Discovering the model’s apartment in ruins, C unleashes her supernatural powers and a quest begins through the realms of god and man. On her search, a plot to undo the cosmic order is revealed and not even the gods are safe. More than the life of a missing girl is on the line as an epic battle threatens to bring down the very heavens.

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