Death of Wolverine – Weapon Etched HoloFoil Covers

To honor the untimely demise of Wolverine, the most iconic X-Men ever, Marvel is proud to present the all new, exclusively crafted, WEAPON ETCHED HOLO FOIL covers for the DEATH OF WOLVERINE #1-#4. Gorgeously rendered by blockbuster artist Steve McNiven – each WEAPON ETCHED HOLO FOIL wrapped issue of DEATH OF WOLVERINE will be a sight to behold!

“With a huge event like DEATH OF WOLVERINE, we wanted to give retailers and fans a cover that stands out on shelves and really helps to grab your attention,” says Marvel’s SVP of Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “Something that says this is an event to behold. Whenever you do any kind of special cover treatment, you want to make sure the story can back it up. Charles & Steve have an epic story planned, and we’re confident that when you crack open DEATH OF WOLVERINE #1, you’ll agree!”

In anticipation of these covers immense popularity and the high profile nature of the series, Marvel will have plenty of copies available for retailer orders to appease customer’s demands! Attendees at Marvel’s Diamond Retailer Summit presentation will receive a free cover preview.

“When Steve McNiven first turned in his cover to DEATH OF WOLVERINE #1, we knew we had something special in our hands,” says Executive Editor Mike Marts. “A cover for the ages. What better way to celebrate this special cover than by giving it the special treatment. Just the other day I saw the process involved in creating this amazing cover—it’s really beautiful. It’s a fantastic way to enhance and showcase this spectacular cover that Steve has drawn.”

Launching in September, DEATH OF WOLVERINE chronicles the grisly end of the man known as the Wolverine. Left without his healing factor, the indestructible killing machine has found himself vulnerable for the first time in a long time. The word is out and time is up – as villains from Logan’s past and present set their sights on his head. Written by comic superstar Charles Soule and drawn by industry legend Steve McNiven, DEATH OF WOLVERINE is poised to shake the foundation of the Marvel Universe this September. What does a world without Wolverine look like? Find out when the stunning WEAPON ETCHED HOLO FOIL covers to DEATH OF WOLVERINE leap off comic shop shelves this September!

Retailers Please Note: Due to longer manufacturing time, orders for WEAPON ETCHED HOLO FOIL covers to DEATH OF WOLVERINE must be placed earlier than standard print comics. Orders for WEAPON ETCHED HOLO FOIL covers placed before FOC will be honored.  Check future Marvel Mailer’s for more ordering information.



Art & Covers by STEVE MCNIVEN

On-Sale This September!


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Updated: May 16, 2014 — 9:06 am

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