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Dynamite Entertainment is thrilled to announce the return of Pathfinder Comics with a new series, Pathfinder: City of Secrets. The first issue releases in local comic stores and digitally May 2014.

Pathfinder: City of Secrets #1 is written by returning superstar writer Jim Zub, with interior art by Leandro Oliveira and cover art by Genzoman, Carlos Gomez, Sean Izaakse and Steven Cummings. This issue marks the beginning of a new adventure series and is the perfect starting point for new readers. Each issue also includes an exclusive Pathfinder Roleplaying Game encounter, sourcebook appendix, and a bonus removable playable tactical map/art poster.

In Pathfinder: City of Secrets #1, the Pathfinder heroes head to the city of Magnimar, and danger isn’t far behind. As the wizard Ezren seeks an audience with the Pathfinder Society, his adventuring allies explore the city’s ancient magic, well-hidden secrets, and deep political divides. The dangers and opportunities of the big city could bring the adventurers closer together-or tear them apart!

In celebration of Pathfinder: City of Secrets #1’s May release, Dynamite has partnered with Paizo’s Pathfinder Society Organized Play program to connect retail stores with volunteer Game Masters who can run in-store Pathfinder RPG demo events based on the encounters featured in the series. In the game scenario, Pathfinder goblins attack YOUR comic book store, and brave heroes must stand in its defense on New Comic Book Day! Contact the nearest Pathfinder Society Venture Captain regional coordinator from the list at paizo.com/pfs/venturecaptains to set up your store’s special event. Both Paizo and Dynamite will promote these events through social media.

The Pathfinder RPG game appendix for each issue of Pathfinder: City of Secrets beyond the first will include a special fan-created official Hero of Magnimar, chosen by the Paizo staff and illustrated by one of Dynamite’s artists. This is your chance to officially add your character to the Pathfinder universe, with game stats provided directly by Pathfinder’s professional game designers! Visit paizo.com/contests for more details on how to enter this exciting monthly contest and check back each month to see if YOUR hero made the cut!

“Writing Pathfinder has been a wonderful experience,” says writer Jim Zub. “The gang at Paizo have crafted a robust and diverse fantasy world that lends itself to dramatic and exciting stories. I can’t wait for readers to dive into City of Secrets and see what happens next to the Pathfinder iconic characters.”

“In this story arc, the Pathfinder adventurers leave caves and villages behind for the big city,” adds Paizo Publisher Erik Mona. “Jim Zub continues to reveal more and more about our favorite adventurers, and with help from the game supplement included in each issue, this series also reveals more and more about the Pathfinder world and the treacherous secrets at the heart of one of its most important cities. The scope keeps getting bigger and bigger, and Jim’s characterizations keep getting better and better!”

“City of Secrets features a new artist, Leandro Oliveira, who I think fans are really going to like, and Magnimar, a huge new city for the iconics to explore, full of danger and opportunity,” states Pathfinder Comics series editor Rich Young. “Jim continues to take the characters and story into cool and exciting territory…I look forward to reading each script he turns in!”

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