Pullbox Review: Deceivers #3

boom_deceivers_003Deceivers #3 (Boom! – Grant / Holder / Fitzpatrick)

All across Europe, Lincoln and Nicky are chased by various intelligence agencies fooled into thinking one of them is the notorious thief Ulysses. Meanwhile, the true mastermind Patrice continues to play all sides against each other…but will she slip up?

The third issue of this six issue series catches writer Steven Grant’s masterfully told con game in full swing!  Grant continues to shows readers why he is the master of the layered (yet vastly entertaining) spy story. Piece by piece, he lays out both the complex deceptions and objectives of the three main characters, slowly bringing in focus for the readers the big picture of this globe-trotting, power-shifting and often humorous suspense action tale!

I am a fan of Grant from his previous work – 2 Guns which is classic and Damned, which is equally genius but is often overlooked.  His ability to write intelligent, funny dialogue and his capability to grow character development out of a series of events rather than a tradition backstory narrative shines in Deceivers.  If you didn’t catch either of the previous issues of this series or any of his previous work, do yourself a favor and contact your locally owned comic book shop and order copies – you won’t be disappointed

Grant’s intrigue-filled plot is accompanied by the more than competent art of Jose Holder.  Holder frames the action in a more or less traditional lay-out and style with just an edge of a “noir”-ish and retro feel.  Also part of the art team is Kelly Fitzpatrick, her coloring style and contrasting color choice mixed with the Holder’s heavy inking creates a perfect level of grit for the mix of suspense, adventure and humor.  All of the visual elements together sort of make me think of what a comic version of Mad Men would be like.

The Bottom Line: Out today! – this is an all around a fantastic twisty-turny con-man tale!

Grade: A

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