Superman: World of New Krypton – My Final Thoughts

Superman: The World of New Krypton ( DC – Rucka / Robinson /  Woods / Randall )

Now that this 12 issue series has come to and end, I have to say I’m conflicted on the entire thing.  What did I spend my money on? I genuinely like the world of New Krypton.  I truly believe that there are loads of more stories that can come from this planet on the opposite side of the Sun.  Give that we only really got a glimpse of the entire planet, I would think there could be plenty of exploration to be done.  I see New Krypton as a gold mine of untapped potential, but unfortunately those stories were bypassed, the entire series,  to tell conventional stories.  It was nothing more that a “who done it”, where the final answers were not really clear on the who or why.  During the explanation of the who and why, we get a not-so-surprising ending that just leaves a bad take in my mouth.  If I drop the cash for 12-issue story arc, I want some damn answers!

The first 6 issues were great!  They were setting up the mystery and all the players who will be breaking ground in the Superman books. As the murder case moved forward, the narrative felt more slapped together just to keep the story moving one step ahead.  To this day, I’m not sure why Adam Strange was brought into the story at all.  He served no purpose at all! The only relationship that seemed to mean anything was between Zod and Kal-El.  Even that we only got is quick hits and conjecture.

The bottom line is that I would not have recommended this to anyone.  I want my money back!

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Updated: February 18, 2010 — 10:14 am

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